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Is your boss taking advantage of you? 

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2023 | Wage & Hour

You are very career driven and you give your best each day at work. This hasn’t gone unnoticed, and many people within the company are grateful. Sadly, this doesn’t apply to your boss. 

You are entitled to fair treatment and pay, particularly if you do a good job. Lately, it feels like your boss is taking advantage of you. Outlined below are a few signs that they are. 

You’re doing the work of two people for one salary

A supervisor left recently to go on to a new venture. There was supposed to be a replacement coming in, but this hasn’t come to fruition yet. Your boss asked you to fill in for a while, but it’s been months now, and you’ve had no pay rise and there is no sign of that replacement. 

Hard work is one thing but everyone has their limits. You shouldn’t be forced to do the work of multiple people, particularly if you were promised a pay rise that has not happened. 

You’re constantly staying late without pay

You have set shift patterns but can’t remember the last time you got away on time. Every evening, your boss asks you to stay a little extra, and this usually ends up being several hours. 

You were promised overtime pay but you have yet to see it. Whether you are staying late, coming in early or carrying out work-related tasks on the road, you should be paid for this time. A boss cannot expect you to work without pay and this is certainly not lawful. 

Asserting your rights as an employee will make for a much happier workplace. If you are being treated unfairly, make sure you look into your legal options