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Different types of pregnancy discrimination

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2024 | Discrimination

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing – but pregnant workers don’t always get treated by their employers fairly. 

While progress has been made in recognizing the rights of pregnant employees, workplace discrimination still happens. Here are some of the ways it manifests:

1. Denial of accommodations

Some employers make it very hard for pregnant employees to adapt to their bodys’ changing needs. They may refuse the most reasonable requests for accommodation, like a chair to sit on at their workstation or the ability to keep soda crackers at their desk to combat nausea.

2. Actual harassment

Pregnancy discrimination can sometimes include acts of sexual harassment. A pregnant worker may be subjected to comments about their changing appearance or their sex life that are deeply intimidating.

3. Job assignment changes

A pregnant employee may be overlooked for challenging projects or passed over for promotions because of assumptions about their commitment to the job – or their capabilities. A pregnant worker may find their career derailed due to this kind of gender-based disparity.

4. Termination

Finally, some pregnant workers suddenly find themselves unemployed just after their boss finds out that they’re expecting. While entirely illegal, it still happens – although such actions are often disguised as terminations due to “performance issues.”

If you believe that you’ve been the victim of pregnancy discrimination, it’s very important to take steps to protect yourself. Document everything that happens, and consider seeking early legal guidance.